The Shobu Aikido Black Belt School will be closed starting Thursday Dec. 21. It will reopen on Tuesday Dec. 9 (Don't miss the first class)!


January 2007 Special

New Year's special Misogi Training

New Beginner's Class Starts on January 25th.


December Special

Thursday December 14th Testing.

Tuesday December 19th Gratitude day.


October Special

Basic Bokken (wooden Sword) Seminar Practice

Saturday October seventh

11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M

Then off to the Greek Festival!!!


September Special

Dr. Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation. Classes begin Wednesday 6:30 P.M. Please call in advance to reserve your seat. 713.818.2306


New Basic Class starting September 21 st.


August Special Seminar

A Special Thank You to Ephraim Fernandez Sensei for teaching the striking arts to Aikido Practicioners. The three week course enabled Aikido Practicioners to learn to focus their strikes and energy on one point. It is great to see Aikido Students do the strikes of Munetsuki, Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi as well as kicking in a balanced, focused and well excecuted manner. THANK YOU FERNANDEZ SENSEI LET'S DO IT AGAIN SOON!!


Special classes (3 week course)

For enrolled Aikidokas.

All Levels

Tuesday – Thursday August 8 th to August 22 th

6.00 P.M. to 7.15 P.M


I. Basic Weapons Training

Practice with the traditional Japanese weapons: Shinai, Jo, Bokken.


Weapons’ training improves Aikido, concentration, posture and understanding of distance and direction. Subari and Kumitachi will also be explored.


II. Striking Arts

Traditionally, especially here in the United States, many Aikido practitioners even those who are advanced are deficient in the striking arts. Learn to strike Shomen, Yokomen, Munetsuki and more. Be accurate, strong, improving everyone’s Aikido.


Learn strike placement (Atemi) and become accurate, precise, and strong when you strike. This will improve everyone’s Aikido Practice.


New Dojo Construction Location




Sorry about the delay but the dojo is still missing the windows!!!!!! Problems with the delivery.


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