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The Shobu Aikido Black Belt School will be closed starting Thursday Dec. 21. It will reopen on Tuesday Dec. 9 (Don't miss the first class)!!

The New Dojo is splendid with its light green 1200 ft tatami over a state of the art floor, high ceilings and large windows. The acoustic during kotodama practice is wonderful and lively.

The new Dojo is larger than the old one with much higher ceilings to facilitate weapons training. The new 1200 ft Tatami will still be very gentle and forgiving with lots of cushioning underneath. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME PICTURES.....

The New Dojo is truly a Japanesse haven. We welcome past and new students to visit the facilities and observe a class. The Beginners Basic enables students to get back into Aikido shape or experience Aikido for the first time.

Aikido Self Defense teaches you: ancient Japanesse self defense techniques, gets you in great physical shape and calms your overworked mind.